MPC Unites

MPC links experience to innovation

MPC binds together. Our hose clamps are market leaders. Although our clamps are often invisible, they are still indispensable. Our clamps link hoses, ducts and pipes, practically everywhere we look; from the washing machine to the car, from the vacuum cleaner to the kitchen blender. All of our products answer a question or solve a problem, the result always ensuring a steel-strong business link.

MPC is a flexible partner of its clients and a knowledgeable expert when assistance is needed. Your question or wish is the starting point of designing improved clamps and better services. Outstanding and reliable quality are linked to openness and flexibility. Innovation offers security and reliability. The design of the hose clamp suited to your needs banks on decades of experience. 

MPC links countries and cultures. We operate subsidiaries in four countries with our employees representing 13 different nationalities. Rather than representing a company together, they form one big family. The love of our profession and our common goal binds us together: achieving the satisfaction of our clients through perfect hose clamps and outstanding service quality.


MPC Unites!

  • your answer for the perfect clamp
  • stable quality and flexibility
  • extensive innovation experience
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