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    Ease of communication, thanks to our simple and direct organisational structure, working in close liaison with our clients. Integrity together with a pleasant and effective relationship is a crucial factor as far as we are concerned.

    Our sense of responsibility guarantees a very high level of satisfaction. Our clients can rely on fast, effective and in particular attentive service, without forgetting good cost control.

    Adapted solutions
    New or non-standard products can be developed and created in partnership with the client, even if only a small quantity is involved.

    We make clamps according to the French standard, the European DIN standard and also the Swedish SMS standard. Clients are attracted to us at MPC - Jalmarson because they have a 95% chance of finding a hose clamp range comparable to the range they stock themselves. In addition, all our standard products are controlled by progressive stock control software.

    The name MPC is synonymous with quality. Our superior quality products are the result of our level of competence and experience on the one hand and strict observance of quality assurance on the other.
    1981Founding of Jalmarson Continental BV as distribution branch for the West European market of Hjalmarson and Soner AB, Uppsalla - Sweden. Main areas of activity: agricultural implements and hose clamps.

    1986 Jalmarson Continental BV in the Netherlands becomes independent.

    1992 Take-over by V-Hold NV – Belgium.

    1993 Take-over by Thurisaz Clamping Group. Agricultural activities suspended and then the core business consists only of the production and distribution of hose clamps.

    1994 Founding of MP Clamp BV in the Netherlands. Main activities: development (for the entire group) and production of special products.

    1995 The expansion of the company requires the relocation of Grouw (NL) to a more spacious building in Gorredijk(NL).

    1998 Construction of the new production division in Gorredijk.

    2002 Founding of MP Bilincs Kft – HU.

    2005 Founding of the hose clamp company, MPC France.

    2006 Founding of the hose clamp company, MPC Clamping Solutions LTD.

    2008 Purchase of new site ( 3500m2) to setup centralised distribution warehouse.

    2009 Change of all the groups’ companies to “MPC Industries”, one identity for the MPC products and companies.
    Thanks to ISO 9001 our customers can be reassured to receive outstanding technical products. Our clamps are tested according to different criteria, each with its own significance:
    1. Clamping range A
    2. Width of band B
    3. Screw/bolt B
    4. Tightening torque without load (Nm) B
    5. Tightening torque (Nm) A
    Sampling per production batch is determined by the inspection level and the accepted quality level, or AQL, both in accordance with ISO 2859. We perform these tests with a calibrated Atlas – Copco Tensor, which is checked regularly by Atlas – Copco.

    All parts of clamp made in high quality steel and electroplated separately before assembly

    Cage and band in chromium steel AISI 430 (European DIN 1.4016) and screws in bichromated galvanized steel

    Clamp made entirely in chromium-nickel steel AISI 304 (European DIN 1.4301)

    Clamp made entirely in molybdenum chromium- nickel steel AISI 316 (European DIN 1.4401)
    Continuous development of our standard products is undertaken based on information received from our clients every day. Communication with our contacts forms the platform for each development or adapted solution.

    In our R&D department we make good use of 2D and 3D CAD systems. Together with these facilities and in liaison with the client we determine the most economic and the most feasible solution in a straightforward, fuss-free manner.

    The next stage in the process is the design, which is based on various drawings validated by the client. Changes are made where necessary. The client places an order according to the final drawing, which is then used to make the tooling required.

    If economics are an issue, we will make a prototype first of all. This allows the client to test the application extensively before mass production of the product is started.

    This entire process is performed by close cooperation between our own and other independent laboratories.

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