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Experienced and innovative in hose clamps.

MPC develops, manufactures and sells hose clamps for every possible application.   Our product range includes wormdrive clamps, superclamps, duct clamps, accumulator clamps and other special clamps. The driving force behind the innovation is the client or a specific market requirement. We continuously develop new hose clamps or develop existing hose clamps into further versions, delivering on requirements that emerge, finding solutions to specific problems and optimising our products to an application. In addition to the approximately 800 standard products in our range, MPC has developed a total of about 2200 individual clamps, tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. 

MPC means reliability and constant quality. In our Engineering design laboratory we plan, test and check hose clamps according to high quality requirements. The production of a clamp or the delivery of an order may only begin if this outstanding quality can be guaranteed.  Thanks to this, MPC’s hose clamps are always synonymous with a reliable and safe choice. 

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  • extensive innovation experience
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