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Construction, industrial application, maintenance

Clamps for construction and industrial applications

At the sight of high pressure cleaning equipment or a pneumatic hammer did hose clamps come to your mind as essential components of these machines? At construction sites, in industry and upon maintenance works hose clamps appear in a wide variety of applications. MPC’s wormdrive clamps, superclamps and fixing clamps can be found e.g. in ponds, swimming pools, heating systems and compressors.

In fire extinguishers, we find MPC ear clamps and wire clamps, while MPC’s accumulator clamps (ACCU) hold the accumulators of industrial cranes and drilling machines securely. The tubes of a ducting system link seamlessly thanks to MPC’s wormdrive clamps and superclamps. Hose clamps play a role in cleaning and maintaining the ducting systems, too.


MPC Hose Clamp with butterfly screw

Never can find a screwdriver when you need one? Use a hose clamp with butterfly screw! Easy to tighten by hand. Simple!!!

MPC Industries B.V.