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Agriculture, horticulture and gardening

Hose clamps for agricultural and gardening

In outdoor use, hose clamps play an invaluable role as key components of many agricultural and garden building equipment applications. Wormdrive clamps, superclamps and fixing clamps, manufactured by MPC, are found commonly in poultry feeding systems, irrigation systems, stables and heating systems. The spiral hoses of agricultural machinery, harvesting machines and logging equipment are fitted with MPC DWC wire spring clamps. The high torque wormdrive MPC HDC clamp resists high pressures found in the nozzles of manure spreaders and agricultural sprayers (plant protection). 

The MPC ACCU accumulator clamp is used on logging equipment. The MPC OKD and OKERT ear clamps can be found in water purification equipment and cleaning machines. The MPC M mini clamp holds the fuel hoses in their proper places on tractors and combine harvesters. 

The mini superclamp is a component of various garden tools such as lawn mowers and chainsaws. Pond technology is unimaginable without wormdrive clamps and superclamps. The hose clamps form part of camping equipment as well: MPC D and MPC ST wormdrive clamps are found in camping gas cylinders.


MPC Hose Clamp with butterfly screw

Never can find a screwdriver when you need one? Use a hose clamp with butterfly screw! Easy to tighten by hand. Simple!!!

MPC Industries B.V.