Hose clamps based on tests and verifications

Testing the hose clamps

“Measurement is the key to knowledge" – as proven by experience. This is a very important observation for MPC Industries BV. In order to ensure quality, all of our products are subjected to rigorous testing. This is partly done in certain phases of the production process and partly - as a final verification - by random testing of the clamps in compliance with the ISO 2859 standard. With state-of-the-art technical equipment, MPC Industries BV elaborately checks and measures the wide range of hose clamps it offers. In case of occasional deficiencies, the particular shipment of hose clamps is removed from the system and a report is submitted to the production division. Thanks to this system we are able to guarantee the quality of all of our products for our customers.


Measurement of the tightening torque

Our wormdrive hose clamps are tested with Atlas Copco screwdrivers. The tool is driven by a software that enables the measurements of the different tightening torques, even to 12 Nm! The number of turns (degrees) and the speed (revolutions per minute) can be preset.

The instrument of measurement and the corresponding testing programme is available for all MPC hose clamps. All test results are filed all the way back to 2000. This resulted in the accumulation of an enormous quantity of statistical information, enabling us to conduct other tests and perform calculations.


Spectrum analysis

In order to ensure the material composition of our hose clamps we undertake to maintain, we take a number of steps. To ensure that we use the right materials, our quality assurance team conducts a so-called spectrum analysis of the hose clamps using a high-tech X-ray machine. This clearly shows the materials the clamp is made of and measures the suitability of the corresponding values. In this case measurement is the key to knowledge.