Worm Gear Clamps | Worm Drive Clamps

MPC Industries manufactures reliable worm gear clamps (also known as worm drive clamps) for any application you can think of: from lawn mowers to motorboats, from washing machines to wind turbines. Our worm gear clamps are strong and - thanks to their design - do not damage the hose they are tightened onto.

The hose clamps in our product range comply with a number of standards, most important of which are: the European Standard DIN 3017, the SS 2298 standard and the NF E 27 851 standard.

MPC offers clamps in a wide range of standard sizes and materials. However, if required by the client, we can make custom hose clamps suited to your exact needs.

Our worm gear clamps are available in a number of different material qualities, with designation W1-W5 where the W5 represents the highest corrosion resistance. 


MPC Hose Clamp with butterfly screw

Never can find a screwdriver when you need one? Use a hose clamp with butterfly screw! Easy to tighten by hand. Simple!!!

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