QL: Quick Release Hose Clamp

Quick Release Hose Clamp

QL: Quick Release Hose Clamp

The QL is a quick release hose clamp meaning the hose clamp can easily be snapped in and out of the clamping position. Ideal for maintenance and service jobs where fast installation and disassembly are required.

The quick release hose clamps are delivered in seperate components: they comprise a large-diameter ban (at least 80mm) and a snap lock mechanism consistening of a hook and a quick latch. These parts can be welded onto the band.

The QL is available in band widths of 18, 25 and 30mm and a minimum diameter of 100mm. Rubber lining is also available.

MPC Unites!

  • Quick Lock rapid closure clamp
  • Available in band widths 18, 25 or 30 mm
  • With or without rubber lining
  • Minimum diameter 100 mm
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