ACCU: Accumulator Clamp for Hydraulic Accumulators

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Diameter (mm) Bandwidth (mm) W1 W2 W4 W5
197.00 - 209.00 30.00 ACCUT4W5197209

ACCU: Accumulator Clamp for Hydraulic Accumulators

The ACCU is a standard accumulator clamp: its band width is 30 mm, band thickness 3mm and it is fitted with M12 bolts. We can manufacture any variant of the accumulator clamp: of galvanised or stainless steel, with or without rubber lining and with single or double bolt. A wide variety of diameters is available, as well as different band width and thickness.

MPC Industries specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom clamping products. If your project requires a custom design or finish, please contact us. We are ready to create the product you need.

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  • Heavy duty hydraulic accumulator clamp
  • M12 Hex bolt
  • All parts W1 or W5 (AISI316)
  • Double type (2 bolt) or single type (1 bolt)
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