Service is the starting point of everything MPC does

Providing a high level of service  is a promise that many companies make. . MPC, however, gives concrete substance to this promise . Service is an integral part of our organization , the starting point of everything we do . Starting with our product . We are able to provide , if needed, a custom product quickly and always in close contact with the customer . From  our own design & engineering lab. We develop , test and check our hose clamps .


As the perfect product is ready and has been tested on the application for which it is intended , we also provide service for the next stage . In our own packing department we wrap the hose clamps as you want : per piece or 140 pieces and possibly with your own name and barcode labels .


In our training we provide service in the form of knowledge . In a seminar , we'll explain all about the products of MPC . This leads to a better opinion about our product and that is an important service.   

MPC Unites!

  • your answer for the perfect clamp
  • stable quality and flexibility
  • extensive innovation experience
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