ISO-14001 policy MPC

Introduction by MPC Industries

MPC Industries is committed to ensure that the environmental care system is fully understood by all its employees and that the procedures thereof are always applied and maintained. The environmental care system is systematically checked on a regular basis on the basis of samples and audits.

The management is responsible for the monitoring of all matters relating to the application of these procedures. The management has made the KAM coordinator responsible for the execution.

The management and, where possible, the reduction of the effects of the activities of MPC on the environment form an essential part of the daily activities. The procedures described in this manual are followed up by all the employees of MPC and by anyone performing activities on its premises.

Policy statement environmental policy


The environmental policy of MPC Industries forms an integral part of the general policy. 

MPC is not only committed to adhering to environmental legislation, but also intends to execute these policy sections to the best of its ability with the available means.

An environmental care system has been set up to give these policy sections a firm place within the organisation and to guarantee the quality. The quality is guarded by an accredited licensing body.

MPC strives to achieve an optimal work situation with regard to the health and welfare of all its employees, whereby MPC commits to taking more measures that it is required to do by law.

The environmental policy is aimed at achieving a minimum environmental burden of all the processes and services that MPC supplies to third parties. The responsibility with regard to the environment goes beyond the boundaries of our own company or our direct environment. Clients are also encouraged to adopt environmentally friendly processes.

The environmental policy is evaluated on an annual basis and amended if necessary. Specific actions with regard to changing the policy are listed in the annual environmental plan. The effects of the measures taken are reported annually.

MPC adopts a responsible attitude and provides reliable information and sees this as a way in which the company is regarded as trustworthy by its employees and the community. The environmental care system based on ISO 14001:2004 should guarantee this.


  • Reducing power use.
  • Improving quality, improving the life.
  • Managing and limiting the environmental burden.
  • Meeting requirements in accordance with environmental legislation and user license.
  • Minimising waste and waste streams.
  • Packaging, transport and distribution
  • Recycling.
  • New environmental developments.

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