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Manufactures new and improved hose clamps since 1981

The history of MPC dates back to 1981, when the Swedish company Hjalmarson en Soner opened a Western European sales branch in the Netherlands under the name of Jalmarson Continental BV. The subsidiary became independent five years later, in 1986.  This was followed by some takeovers, first in 1992 by the Belgian company V-Hold NV and then in 1993 by Thurisaz Clamping Group. Originally, the company manufactured agricultural tools, but from then on, only hose clamps were manufactured.  

One year later, in 1994, MP Clamp BV was founded in the Netherlands.  Main activities: development (groupwide) and the manufacture of special products. In 1995, the expansion of the company made it necessary to relocate the headquarters from Grou (in the Netherlands) to Gorredijk (in the Netherlands) to a far more spacious building. A new production division was built here in 1998.
Before too long, foreign branches also joined the company. MP Bilincs Kft. started operations in Hungary in 2002 and in 2005, the MPC France clamp factory was opened, followed by the British MPC Clamping Solutions Ltd. in 2006.  

The growth of the company led to the purchase of a new, central warehouse of 3500 m2 surface area in 2008.  In 2009 all companies under the MPC group were incorporated into MPC Industries: One single means of identification for all subsidiaries and all products. 


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