Stainless steel

Choose your MPC stainless steel hose clamps

Stainless steel


Stainless steel, SST or as commonly known, inox, is a stainless iron-based alloy,  which contains chromium, nickel and carbon apart from iron. In order for the alloy to qualify as stainless steel, it must have a minimum chromium content of 11-12% and a content of carbon compounds not exceeding 1.2% Furthermore, various types of stainless steels may contain other elements such as molybdenumtitaniummanganese, nitrogen and silicon.


MPC hose clamps

MPC hose clamps are made from high quality steel and may contain a various share of stainless steel. The material compositions of the clamps are indicated by the letter W, followed by a digit from 1 to 5. The higher the number, the more stainless steel the clamp contains, i.e. the more corrosion resistant it is. W5 clamps are made of chromium, nickel and steel.


Oxide layer

The term “rustproof” is never used in metallurgy, because in reality rustproof steel also corrodes. The oxide coating created on the surface covers the metal, thanks to which the lower layers are protected against further rust formation (oxidation) . Under extreme circumstances or if the protective oxide coating is damaged, the local rust formation is accelerated. The reason for this is that upon machining SST (stainless steel) no steel tools are used and all possible contaminations are removed after machining. This is called pickling.


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