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Wholesaling articles for the automotive after market

Hose clamps for the automotive after market

Hose clamps can be found in cars virtually everywhere, from the fuel system to lighting. This is why many types of MPC clamps can be found at wholesale outlets servicing the after-sales market of the automobile trade sector. These wholesale outlets deliver component parts to garages and other wholesale outlets. In the product range of these wholesale outlets, one can find MPC’s wormdrive clamps, superclamps, fixing clamps and accumulator clamps. One clamp often sought after in the automobile industry is MPC M (mini), which is used among others in the fuel system, and is commonly known as fuel hose clamp because of this.


MPC Hose Clamp with butterfly screw

Never can find a screwdriver when you need one? Use a hose clamp with butterfly screw! Easy to tighten by hand. Simple!!!

MPC Industries B.V.