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Fertiliser injector

MPC hose clamps for fertiliser injectors

In the Netherlands and in Belgium it is forbidden to spread ferrtilisers on the surface of the soil unless it is rotated or ploughed into the soil within two hours. As this is a time consuming task, many farmers and gardeners opt to use a so-called fertiliser injector to inject the fertiliser into the soil.

MPC hose clamps are widely used in these machines. As the hoses are exposed to very serious loads in the fertiliser injectors, the strongest hose clamps are required here: The MPC ST and HD wormdrive clamps and the MPC S and DS superclamps.


MPC Hose Clamp with butterfly screw

Never can find a screwdriver when you need one? Use a hose clamp with butterfly screw! Easy to tighten by hand. Simple!!!

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