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Accu Light Clamp

We would like to introduce to you our latest product: the "Accu Light".  The Accu Light is made of high quality materials and comes with a lot of advantages.

The Accu Light has 10 benefits

  1. Adaptable assembly: define where you want the bolt when ordering
  2. Full body trunnions: using the parameters of the bolt to its full extend
  3. Advised maximum torque: critical information for safe assembly
  4. Enhanced spot welding: to ensure the strength-structure of the clamp part
  5. Protection wrap-around rubber profile: absorbs vibrations and temperature resistant up to 130 oC
  6. Standard produced: in W1, W2 and W4
  7. Sizes from 44 mm to 506 mm: other sizes and shapes available on demand
  8. Spacer on bolt: for easy access with tooling
  9. Five sizes of brackets: adapted to the diameters
  10. MPC Accu Light: Designed and produced in Holland

How to use the Accu Light Clamp

It is a Clamp with mounting bracket for the fixation of hydraulic accumulators, pressure tanks, filters or basically any circular shape that needs fixing.

Technical information

Download the technical specifications ACCU LIGHT

MPC Unites!

  • Adaptable assembly
  • Five sizes of brackets
  • Sizes from 44 mm to 506 mm
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